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Sustentabilidade sem Greenwashing

About the Event

There is a significant debate about reducing packaging consumption, but is life as we know it possible without packaging? What would it be like to shop at a supermarket without packaging? Or how would exporting or importing products work in our globalized world without packaging? A world without packaging is unrealistic because they play a fundamental role in consumers’ daily activities and in the country’s economy.

Packaging protects products from damage during transportation to preserve them until they reach supermarket shelves. They ensure the safety of products, preventing waste.

Packaging is far from being an environmental villain. They are recyclable, and some are reusable, and they should be treated as raw materials that return to the production cycle. This is a circular economy. For this to work, all of us need to take responsibility for environmental preservation. How? We need to create a new relationship with packaging, a more environmentally friendly one.

The first Packaging & Sustainability Forum by the Packaging Institute was held in 2008 with the aim of promoting discussion about new environmentally friendly packaging solutions and sharing replicable success stories that contribute to building a better world. In the first fourteen editions, it has already impacted over two thousand professionals in the industry.

Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of sustainability and be part of this transformation. Register now for the Packaging and Sustainability Forum and join other dedicated professionals in this cause. Let’s build a better world together!