Our History

The Packaging Institute was founded in 2005 with the aim of being a reference in teaching and research on packaging in Brazil. It promotes courses, events, workshops, and training to disseminate knowledge about packaging and the development of professionals in the sector. Today, it is a reputable institution respected by over 13,000 professionals who have participated in more than 100 courses and 135 events.

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Better Packaging.
Better World.

The journey of knowledge about packaging is broad and continuous. In 2016, the Institute initiated the Packaging on the Road project, a packaging training program born out of the need to make technical training accessible to professionals in Brazil.

The Institute also executes customized projects offering technical knowledge in the field of packaging, such as the In-Company Courses, which have been conducted in various companies.

The faculty consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field.

The institution is actively involved in developing content about packaging, having already released 23 works. In 2014, it launched the first book in English, “Better Packaging Better World,” distributed in various countries. In 2016, the bilingual collection (Portuguese-English) “Better Packaging Better World” was introduced, now comprising eleven books.

The recognition of the Institute of Packaging’s work has surpassed the borders of Brazil. Several national and foreign institutions use the Institute’s books as educational material in their courses.

In recent years, the Institute of Packaging has been distinguished in awards such as the Embanews Trophy Roberto Hiraishi Award in the Research category for its packaging books and the Entity of the Year award in 2016. Other notable recognitions come from the packaging industry, which sponsors the initiatives of packaging sector associations; from key sectors that use packaging; and from the thousands of professionals who seek the Institute of Packaging to learn more about the subject.

The Institute of Packaging also hosts workshops and the annual Sustainability Forum to showcase innovations, packaging case studies, and companies that aim to improve the relationship between packaging and the environment, aligning with our belief:

Coordinate and conduct studies, courses, meetings, and training sessions that contribute to the understanding of packaging.
Be the center of knowledge about Packaging in Brazil.
All actions should be guided by Ethics;
Consider Sustainability as a whole;
Transparency, impartiality, and fairness in all actions and information;
Excellence in serving all stakeholders.
We believe that better packaging promotes a better quality of life.

The timeline of the Packaging Institute


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