The Instituto de Embalagens prepared its 17th book with the objective of being a reference as source for information on corrugated packaging. The content of the bilingual publication (Portuguese-English) was developed with the technical support of the Brazilian Association of Corrugated Board (ABPO).

There was a lack of literature on this topic around the world, so the proposal was to produce a book with technical information and marketing approach. This book is part of the “Better Packaging Better World. Embalagem Melhor Mundo Melhor” collection.

The corrugated paper packaging is also gaining strength as primary packaging, it is a reference in transport packaging and responsible for “loading” all other packaging (the primary ones). It is decisive for ensuring the integrity of products and reducing losses.

In addition to presenting technical information, trends and innovation in the sector, the publication highlights the positive characteristics of corrugated paper packaging, including sustainability properties. Since corrugated paper packaging is completely recyclable, biodegradable and renewable.

Better Corrugated Paper Packaging, Better World.


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