Better Packaging Better World – 2º Edição


This book brings in its title Instituto de Embalagens’s belief, “Better Packaging. Better World.” We trust that the packaging knowledge should be spread in Brazil, and, with this new book, we want to extend it to the whole world in order to reach more people.

Knowledge is an important tool for development and it can create a better and comfortable way of life, while packaging is an important instrument of the modern life.

The packaging system needs to be better understood and to be recognized for its value, becoming a hero instead of a villain. Little is known about this science, so it is important to show the world the packaging’s importance and why it is so relevant to our lives.

In this book, we put together the entire packaging system, talking about packaging concepts until the responsible end of life, including market, design, materials, processes, equipment and sustainability. The goal was to create a book accessible to everyone, no matter the technical knowledge.

The book was organized by a multidisciplinary team that put all the effort together to build a complete and organized work. Each chapter was written by invited authors that are specialized in each field and are respected in the Brazilian and world market. They shared their experience and knowledge with the intention to capacitate new professionals and help new minds create and innovate.
In such way, we intend to spread our belief.

Better Packaging. Better World.


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